DEKOMAN Production System

Dekoman Decorative Insulation Systems established the production facility on interior 1500m2, exterior 3500m2 area. We produce in our facility in summer and also in winter.

We produce our high quality insulation products in Dekoman Production Facility without compromising our quality policy and present the products to our customers in the most suitable conditions.

We are carrying out our R&D works in the framework of our goal of innovation in construction sector. We always bring new products according to these works with innovation and development.

Dekoman Mortar

Dekoman Mortar is water repellant, flexible, based acrylic binding. It is applied by steel trowel, compressor or plastering pattern on decorative products using in heat insulation.

Styrene Acrylic Copolymer is used as catalyst in Dekoman Mortar. Acrylic copolymer adds transparency, softness and elasticity to Dekoman Mortar. In addition Dekoman Mortar comes into prominence in high waterproof and adhesion force by catalyst. It has resistant to warm, cold, water, and humidity. It is suitable for all air weather conditions. It has high color yield and perfect compatible with paint due to smooth and inhibitor coating surface.

Dekoman Mortar Technical Specifications

Color: White

Appearance: Liquid

Density: 1.70 kg/lt

Working Time: 2–2,5 hours

Crusting: 20 min.

Application Warm: 5 ºC  – 40 ºC

Application Thickness: 2-10 mm

Water Vapor Permeability: SD(m) Appx 0,150

Water Absorption: 0,100–0,500 kg/m²

Peeling Strength: >25 N/mm²

Advantages of Dekoman Mortar

Ready for using and easy application.

Quick dry.

It has high adhesion performance.

It is flexible Paint is applied easily on it.

It creates a smooth surface.

Does not glide due to high adherence feature.

It makes easier to breathe building due to high water vapor permeability.

Paint is high life due to special structure.

Technical information in table is obtained in laboratory in conditions of 23 C(±2C) and 50% ±5% relative humidity

Usage Areas

Dekoman Mortar is used for facades which are decorative insulation products using interior and exterior.

Dekoman Mortar Instruction for Use

Dekoman Mortar is packed as ready to use. It does not require to put it water or another additives. It is used in two ways in application.

Dekoman Mortar Usage Consumption: 6 kg/m2 Dekoman

Mortar Shelf Life: The shelf life is 6 months in proper conditions. It should be used in 6 hours after package is opened. Dekoman Mortar should be maintained in dry and cold place. It should be protected direct sun light.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam)

EPS is a thermo plastic thermal insulation product obtained from petroleum. EPS is also known as rigid foam has a lot of closed porous cells included air. EPS provides high thermal insulation due to these closed porous cells.

It is 98% air the volume of EPS and due to air it is light weight. EPS is produced range of 8-32 kg/m3 density. EPS is one of the best thermal insulation material. In addition it is economic compared to similar materials.

Advantages of EPS

Provides high thermal insulation.

One of the economic thermal insulation material.

It does not get wet due to closed porous cells.

Pressure resistance is high. It is very easy to apply due to light.

The vapor permeability is very low.

It does not damage ozone layer and health due to not contain CFC and it is eco-friendly.

Production wastes are recycled and economized without harming the environment.

It does not thin over time due to apply properly.

It is infinite life.

B1 Class non-step fire.